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Frank And Oak Launches Womenswear Stores


Frank And Oak’s new women’s store in Montreal. Photo courtesy of Frank And Oak. 

Modern clothing retailer Frank And Oak is making a definitive push into the womenswear market, with initial plans to open two new stores dedicated to its women’s collection.

Read the full article about the new stores on Retail Insider.



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A sudden departure for Andy Thê-Anh

Andy Thê-Anh's former Bayview Village boutique, emptied out with no explanation.

Andy Thê-Anh has closed the doors of his Toronto boutiques. Just a few short months after unveiling two brand new shops in the city – one in Yorkville and one in Bayview Village – the Montreal-based designer appears to have abruptly packed up and left.

The women’s clothing stores opened in late March. They carried the distinguished designer’s high-end collections, which are geared towards a “sophisticated, modern and professional woman,” according to the company’s website.

Notes posted on the windows of both boutiques indicate that as of Tuesday, the company will no longer operate boutiques in Toronto, but that the collection will continue to be available in Montreal. No reason is given for the sudden store closures, and there’s no mention of the closures on the company’s website.

It seems unusual that such a high-profile designer would give up on a major market like Toronto so quickly. Even if sales were weaker than expected – possibly due to continued weakness in the economy that is likely hampering luxury purchases – I would have expected the shops to stick around for at least a year before moving on.

It’s particularly unusual since the company boasts on its website about ambitious growth plans, including plans to expand into the U.S. and Europe. Before tackling these major markets, it would seem logical for Andy Thê-Anh to first establish a stronger retail presence here in Canada.

Having admired this talented Canadian designer’s collections for years, I’m a bit sad to see him leave the Toronto retail scene. I hope his boutiques have greater success elsewhere.

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