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Miu Miu moves in with Holts

Designer fashion brand Miu Miu has opened its first Toronto boutique inside Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street store.

The small new boutique is the first point of sale in the Canadian retail market for the international brand, which is owned by the Prada fashion house. The brand operates boutiques around the world.

The new boutique is dedicated entirely to the high-end brand’s collection of handbags and accessories.

The new section of Holts closely resembles Miu Miu’s other international stores, having been designed by Roberto Baciocchi – the Italy-based architect who designed many of the other Prada and Miu Miu boutiques.miu miu

The walls are draped with neutral-coloured damask curtains, and the space is enhanced by mat gold counters, mirrors and crystal display cases.

The space appears to be designed to let the products speak for themselves, and they certainly do. The bags, in particular – many of which come in bright shades of pink, red, blue and orange – stand out boldly in the new boutique.

Miu Miu joins Holt Renfrew’s already extensive roster of high end fashion brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Longchamp.



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A cozy new store for a coveted brand

Luxury fashion brand Tory Burch has opened its first Canadian boutique at Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

The company, which launched in 2004, is known for its “preppy bohemian” clothing, handbags and shoes. Some of the brand’s products are available at high-end retailers such as Holt Renfrew, but the new Yorkdale store, which opened in May, gives Toronto customers a one-stop shopping destination for everything Tory Burch.

The boutique has the feel of a cozy and luxurious walk-in closet, with merchandise displayed on shelves, cubbyholes and inset racks; plenty of mirrors; and seating nooks for tired shoppers.

The shop carries a selection of clothing, handbags and shoes, with the signature cutout Tory Burch logo splashed across items throughout the store.

The chain operates dozens of stores throughout the U.S., along with several international boutiques in markets such as Dubai, South Korea and Italy.

The brand arrives in Toronto after having steadily gained popularity among fashionistas in the past few years. In the past six months in particular, shoes and bags adorned with the recognizable logo seem to have completely infiltrated Toronto’s fashion scene.

Tory Burch’s success has been helped by the fact that the brand’s merchandise is regularly sported by high profile celebrities, such as Blake Lively, Paris Hilton and Kristen Bell.

As a shopper who appreciates a nice pair of flats, I’ve become a fan of Tory Burch footwear, in particular (the ‘Reva Ballet Flats’ have been among the brand’s most popular items) and so I’m excited to see this brand become even more accessible to Toronto shoppers.

Now, if only I had my own closet as big and well-stocked as this one.

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Bloor Street braces for MK

The rumours are true: a brand new flagship Michael Kors store is coming to Bloor Street – and soon.

Speculation around the new store started spreading in February, and sure enough, construction is now underway. The retailer has also begun recruiting staff for positions at the new location.

I figured it was only a matter of time before this hugely popular designer popped up in Toronto’s go-to destination for luxury fashion and accessories. The new flagship will be located on the south side of Bloor between Bay Street and Avenue Road, surrounded by such high-end retailers as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci and Cartier.

The area has been plagued by a seemingly endless amount of construction lately, between new condo buildings and Bloor Street’s beautification project. But construction is starting to taper off, and it seems to have been worthwhile – the “fashion mile” is looking more elegant with wider granite sidewalks and an abundance of new trees and flowerbeds.

So, it seems MK has picked a good time for his arrival into this high profile part of the city. I’m anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the new boutique, and I know many other Torontonians are too.

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Travel in style with Taschen!

Luxury handbags from around the world are becoming more accessible to Toronto shoppers, as new Taschen! boutiques emerge around the city.

The retail chain, which carries high end handbags, briefcases, personal leather goods and luggage, recently opened a new Yorkville location. Taschen! now has two Yorkville locations, as well as one right downtown at King and Yonge, along with locations in Montreal and Calgary.

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I didn’t recognize all of the chain’s brands when I stopped by to check out the boutique earlier this week, but I was immediately impressed at the high quality of its merchandise. Most of the labels come from abroad, such as Bree, Rimowa and Porsche Design from Germany, Bric’s from Italy, and Le Sportsac and Kipling from the U.S.

I particularly like the Bree label leather handbags and wallets, which are both stylish and high quality.

More Taschen! stores could be on the way, as the company is looking to expand into other high-end Toronto neighbourhoods.

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