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Insights from an ecoholic

Midtown boutique Consonant Skincare hosted a special event this week in celebration of a theme central to the store’s philosophy: healthy, natural and earth-friendly living.

Adria Vasil, author of several green-living books, was at Consonant promoting her latest book, Ecoholic Body: Your Ultimate Earth-Friendly Guide to Living Healthy and Looking Good.

Vasil discussed themes from the book, among them: natural products to embrace and not-so-natural ones to avoid; potentially harmful ingredients to watch for in toothpastes, lotions and other products (parabens and sodium laureth sulfate, to name a couple); and tips for maintaining healthy, glowing skin (for instance, don’t party like a rockstar, Vasil said – or at least not on too regular a basis).

Consonant’s new flagship store on Yonge Street (featured on Retail Realm in October 2011) was a very appropriate setting for this discussion, given all the natural products that line the shop’s walls. The company specializes in organic skin care products such as soaps, moisturizers and eye creams, all of which are free of the very ingredients Vasil urges consumers to avoid.

Although the boutique is small – and feels especially so when it’s filled with mingling shoppers on a hot summer’s day – the bright, modern space showcases Consonant’s products perfectly, and attentive staff make the shopping experience easy.

A cocktail reception and a book-signing by Vasil rounded off the event, along with a rare opportunity to snag Consonant’s merchandise at a discount.

Kudos to Vasil for taking the time to educate consumers on strategies for embracing a healthier and more natural day-to-day lifestyle. Although my own personal beauty regime may not be organic and paraben-free, I left the event with new ideas on how to scale back the toxins I’m exposed to, and I’m sure others did, too.


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