Fashionable finds at Dufferin Mall. Really.

Dufferin Mall is rebranding itself as a fashion destination, and as part of a unique marketing effort to promote its new identity, it sent models onto the streets of Liberty Village this week to get Toronotonians talking about the shopping destination.

The mall is taking steps to distance itself from the reputation it’s had in the past. With discount retailers Wal-Mart and No Frills as the mall’s primary anchors, it has tended to be viewed as a lower-end mall.


However, the shopping centre has recently invested in upgrading its look, and has attracted a variety of popular fashion retailers along the way. They include: H&M, Le Chateau, Costa Blanca, Aldo, Spring, and Aeropostale, among others.

To promote these and other retailers, this week the mall launched a campaign called ReallyRunway, which effectively turned the streets of Liberty Village into one giant runway.


Models, dressed head to toe in the latest spring trends from various Dufferin Mall retailers, were sent out onto the streets to showcase the fashions. Each carrying huge bouquets of helium-filled green and black balloons, the models were easy to spot and thus, drew plenty of attention.

The campaign also featured a media kick-off party at trendy Liberty Village lounge Locus 144, where bloggers and fashion media were able to get a closer look at the models’ trendy outfits. They featured such current trends as bright coloured pants, 1960s mod-style fashions and black and white patterns.


It’s no easy feat for any business – especially a shopping centre – to shed one image and adopt an entirely new one. Once consumers have formed an impression, it tends to stick.

But with its bold marketing campaign, Dufferin Mall seems to be doing a good job of getting people talking. And if it’s successful, it’ll prompt shoppers to give the mall another chance.

I’ve only been to Dufferin Mall a handful of times, but the last time I stopped by, I did notice quite a drastic difference in the mall’s look and feel, and the quality of retailers. I’m sure other shoppers who give the mall a second chance will be similarly impressed.

As another ploy to get shoppers engaged, Dufferin Mall also recently introduced free Wi-Fi access throughout the entire mall – a convenient perk for tech-savvy shoppers.

And, the shopping centre has launched an iPhone app that features a full store directory, contact information and contests, and keeps shoppers informed on current store promotions.

With its new focus, new feel and new services, it’s a new chapter for Dufferin Mall.


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One response to “Fashionable finds at Dufferin Mall. Really.

  1. I really like all of the outfits!

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