Smart Set steps up its online presence

Sure enough, just a few weeks after RW & Co. launched online shopping capabilities (RW & Co., version 2.0), its sister chain Smart Set has opened an online store of its own.


The two clothing chains are owned by Reitmans (Canada) Ltd., and are the only two banners owned by the company that haven’t had online shopping capabilities until now. So when one of the chains got a new website, I speculated that the other would be quick to follow.

The new website brings Smart Set in line with most of its competitors, as online shopping becomes an increasingly popular channel for modern-day consumers.

Although I strongly believe there will always be a place for bricks and mortar stores – especially for clothing, shoes and accessories that need to be tried on – it’s clearly becoming more important for retailers to have an online presence. Online stores provide both a cost effective sales channel for retailers, and a convenient option for busy consumers.

Given these advantages, I imagine the volume of sales taking place in this electronic channel will undoubtedly continue to grow over time.

As an incentive for shoppers to try out the new website right away, Smart Set is offering free shipping and free returns on all orders, with no minimum purchase required – but only for a limited time.


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  1. Great! Thanks for sharing. I think online shopping is addictive, and it is ideal for busy working mommies. I’d love to learn more about online decor shops, too!

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