Miu Miu moves in with Holts

Designer fashion brand Miu Miu has opened its first Toronto boutique inside Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street store.

The small new boutique is the first point of sale in the Canadian retail market for the international brand, which is owned by the Prada fashion house. The brand operates boutiques around the world.

The new boutique is dedicated entirely to the high-end brand’s collection of handbags and accessories.

The new section of Holts closely resembles Miu Miu’s other international stores, having been designed by Roberto Baciocchi – the Italy-based architect who designed many of the other Prada and Miu Miu boutiques.miu miu

The walls are draped with neutral-coloured damask curtains, and the space is enhanced by mat gold counters, mirrors and crystal display cases.

The space appears to be designed to let the products speak for themselves, and they certainly do. The bags, in particular – many of which come in bright shades of pink, red, blue and orange – stand out boldly in the new boutique.

Miu Miu joins Holt Renfrew’s already extensive roster of high end fashion brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Longchamp.



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2 responses to “Miu Miu moves in with Holts

  1. Tiffany Auvinen

    I wish that store was here in Victoria. Great article, Meg! Miss you!

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