Vintage revisited

Fast fashion, step aside: a new Toronto boutique is proving that some fashions have a shelf life much longer than the items constantly rotating through the shelves at H&M and Zara.

Lookbook Collective, a cute new vintage and used clothing store at Bloor and Bathurst, offers a carefully curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Catering to both women and men, the shop features fashions from decades’ past which reflect trends that have reappeared on runways as of late.

A handful of pleated skirts featured at the store last week, for instance, showcase a trend dating as far back as the 1930s that’s recently come back in a big way.

Bargain-hunters will find an impressive roster of designer labels in the store at very affordable prices. And accessory-lovers will hit the jackpot with the boutique’s collection of bags, belts, hats and jewellery.

In an era when it’s become common to buy an item and wear it just a handful of times before tossing it out, Lookbook Collective offers a welcome reminder that some apparel is built to last. Although some trends are short-lived, most make their way back into the fashion cycle sooner or later. Vintage shops like this one make it easy – and affordable – to celebrate those trends and re-integrate them into your wardrobe as they reappear on runways time and again.

At the official launch of the boutique last week, vintage fans and bargain hunters alike crowded into the small shop to browse the offerings while sipping on cocktails and snacking on oysters. Based on its warm welcome into the neighbourhood, it appears as though Toronto shoppers are eager to revisit the vintage looks that Lookbook has to offer.



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