StyleSense shoe stores shut their doors

StyleSense has sold its last pair of shoes.

All three StyleSense stores in the GTA, owned by The TJX Companies, Inc. – the same company that operates Winners, Home Sense and Marshalls – have been shut down.

The stores, located at Vaughan Mills, Oakville Place and Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga, had only been open for about three years. Large and spacious, they carried a huge – and I mean HUGE – selection of brand name shoes and boots, along with bags, hats, scarves and other accessories, at marked down prices.

The stores seemed to be busy whenever I stopped in, so I was suprised to hear this week that the company had decided to close all three locations.

TJX brought its Marshall chain to Canada for the first time last year (More discount fashion for the GTA), and I gather that the closure of StyleSense is part of the company’s effort to focus on beefing up this new brand in Canada. Like Winners, Marshalls stores carry mainly clothing, but they also have a hefty selection of shoes.

Still, the shoe selection in the Marshalls locations that I’ve seen have been disappointingly small, and way less organized than the impressive stock at StyleSense. I’ve found some amazing deals on shoes at StyleSense in the past couple years, and I’m sad to see the stores disappear.

But perhaps I should give Marshalls another chance. It looks like the chain is here to stay, as it’s actively growing its footprint on this side of the border. The chain now has six store in the GTA, and six more Ontario stores are slated to open at the end of March. The new locations in the GTA will  include:

  • Upper James St. in Hamilton
  • Burlington Power Centre in Burlington
  • Taunton and Harmony in Oshawa


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10 responses to “StyleSense shoe stores shut their doors

  1. Jane

    I usually visit the Toronto area once a year and I always stopped at StyleSense at Oakville Place. I was very disappointed to see that they had closed – it was my favourite place to buy shoes and boots. Boohoo!

  2. I share your disappointment! Shoe-shopping is simply not the same anymore. Thanks for your comment!

  3. shermanda

    I’m still trying to figure out what I will do with my StyleSense gift card…

  4. Hmm. Maybe you could use your gift card at Winners or Marshalls? They’re all part of the same company, so hopefully they’ll honour it for you!

  5. Maryam Moradi

    I have a store credit, I just found out the store closure today after I googled to see when it will be re-opened!! Who can give a solid answer that what can I do with my store credit?

  6. Hi Maryam,
    The StyleSense website confirms that gift cards and store credit may be used at any Winners or Marshalls location in Canada. Happy shopping!

  7. Paula Henderson

    Paula Henderson
    April 18/13
    Just read this now. Was planning a trip there this week ! What a bummer ! Anyone out there know of anything similiar around i.e. a huge outlet shoe store with many quality brands??? Let me know if you do.

  8. Hi Paula,
    I haven’t been able to find anything that quite compares to StyleSense, but I visited the new Marshalls location downtown Toronto yesterday (located at Yonge and Gerrard), and found their shoe selection to be very impressive. The section is bigger than the other Marshalls stores I’ve been to, and there are lots of high end brands. Might be worth checking out. Good luck!

  9. Josefa

    3 years after the fact and I still miss STYLE SENSE, nothing compares. Best shoe shopping experience ever !!

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