Outdoor superstores ‘SAIL’ into the GTA

A Quebec-based retailer catering to outdoor enthusiasts has arrived in the GTA.

SAIL, a chain of superstores specializing in gear for hunting, camping, fishing, boating and other outdoor activities, recently opened stores in Vaughan and Oshawa.

The big box stores are 70,000 square feet in size, and carry an overwhelming selection of merchandise: more than 500,000 items per store. They feature such popular brands as The North Face, Spyder and Columbia.

If you’re into any sort of outdoor activities – such as hiking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing – or even if you just want to keep warm as the cold winter months descend upon us, chances are SAIL has something for you.

You can pick up basic items like shoes and jackets, or highly specific types of gear, like gun cases for hunters, compasses for hikers and butane stoves for campers.

Including the two new GTA locations, SAIL now has seven stores, with four in Quebec and one in Ottawa.

The Vaughan location presents new competition for nearby Bass Pro – a huge store at Vaughan Mills shopping centre offering a similar selection of hunting, fishing and camping goods.

Outdoor enthusiasts were thrilled to see the Bass Pro store open a few years ago, which was Ontario’s first location for the major American retailer.

I’m guessing they’ll be happy to have another local retailer providing these kinds of specialized goods, especially in Vaughan – which is conveniently right on the way to cottage country for Torontonians who are looking to escape the city for the weekend.


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