Yankee carts its candles to Canada

I enjoy candles as much as the next person, and yet I find it a bit hard to imagine a store selling candles – and only candles.

Nonetheless, this is the premise behind The Yankee Candle Company, Inc. – a huge U.S.-based chain that’s enjoyed much success. It operates more than 500 stores throughout the U.S., which sell scented candles and candle accessories, along with a few other home fragrance products.

The retailer recently made its debut into the Canadian market, with five brand new Ontario locations. These include a couple on the outskirts of the GTA – one in Pickering Town Centre and one in Lime Ridge Mall. The others are located in Kitchener, Barrie and St. Catherines.

Yankee specializes in scented candles, and as you can imagine, it carries plenty of variety in this department. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, from tea lights to large jars that burn for up to 150 hours.

The candles are available in more than 150 fragrances, among them: Fresh Cut Roses, Hazelnut Coffee, Kiwi Berries, Lavender Vanilla, Maple Pancakes, Ocean Water, Orange Dreamsicle, and many more.

The retailer also has a wide variety of seasonal scents, like Peppermint Cocoa, Hot Buttered Rum, Sparkling Cinnamon and Holiday Sage.

My mouth is watering just writing about these scents; I can only imagine how nice they’d smell burning in my living room. They’d make lovely Christmas gifts, and luckily, the new stores have arrived with plenty of time to spare before the busy holiday shopping season gets underway.

So if there’s a candle-lover on your list, there’s no doubt this niche chain is the place to go.


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