A perfect place to play dress-up

Are you ready for Halloween yet? I’m proud to say I got my costume organized early this year, but that didn’t stop me from exploring some of the city’s costume stores this week for last-minute additions and some good laughs.

I was most impressed by the offerings at Exile in Kensington Market, at 62 Kensington Ave.

The vintage clothing shop’s storefront is festive and inviting, and the collection of merchandise inside is extensive, with something for everyone.

You can build a costume from the affordable selection of vinatage clothes, the wide range of wigs, glasses, hats and other accessories, or as an easier option, you can buy one of several pre-made costumes.

Exile is much bigger than it looks from the outside. Beyond the narrow section at the front, there’s a large space at the back, and every square foot of the store seems to be overflowing with funky, fun merchandise.

If you haven’t yet figured out a costume for this year, I recommend checking out this store, or its sister store down the street at 20 Kensington Ave., which I hear is equally as impressive a destination for Halloween gear.

But be warned: the huge selection of merchandise in this store can provide hours of entertainment, so leave plenty of time for this shopping experience.


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