Aritzia spins off more success

As Aritzia continues to gain popularity, the Canadian fashion chain has launched a second sister retailer that could potentially grow into a popular new chain of its own.

The first Wilfred boutique opened in the Toronto Eaton Centre on Wednesday. The store carries three of Aritzia’s in-house brands: the signature Wilfred line of loose-fitting feminine styles, the more casual Wilfred Free collection and the vintage-looking Le Fou collection.

Wilfred is Aritzia’s second spinoff; the first being its casual TNA label, which has grown into a chain of six stores.

I’m anticipating that the new Wilfred store will mainly attract Artizia’s older, working-age clientele. Students and younger clients will probably continue shopping primarily at the Aritzia stores and TNA stores, which always boast a solid supply of casual, comfy clothes that are perfect for workouts, veg-outs, and all-night study sessions.

If Wilfred does well in the Eaton Centre, I’m guessing these boutiques will start popping up in other parts of the country, similar to the way TNA stores did.

This Canadian success story keeps on growing, and I’m curious to see just how big it gets.


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