A better beer-buying experience

Shopping for beer is about to get classier.

The Beer Store is launching a new concept store in Liberty Village this week, called The Beer Boutique, which looks like it will make the beer-buying experience a lot more pleasant.

Forget the shivery cold clinical feel of the Beer Store that you frequent, where you likely have to order your 2-4 from a list on the wall. This one is entirely self-serve, giving you the option of perusing the beverage selection for as long as you like.

The boutique has a rugged-yet-upscale look reminiscent of the historical buildings in Toronto’s Distillery District, which I think suits the concept well.

The new shop also aims to make the beer-buying experience more social and interactive. It will play host to regular beer-tasting and pairing events for customers.

The boutique is set to open in the next few days, so watch for it next time you’re in the King and Strachan area of the city.

If the new concept works well, hopefully more Beer Stores around the city will be converted into these more inviting boutiques.


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