A Michael Kors fan’s paradise

If you’re a fan of Michael Kors and you haven’t yet checked out the new outlet store at Vaughan Mills, take my word: it’s worth the trip to Vaughan.

I stopped by the store last weekend, and ever since, I’ve been kicking myself for not taking advantage of the great deals that this store has to offer.

Michael Kors handbags are my latest accessory obsession, and so it was no easy task keeping my credit card in check in a store full of these gorgeous bags, all marked down in price. I love the simple yet classy look of the handbags – especially the leather tote bags and the large Edie shoulder bags.

The Michael Kors Large Tote, in black; one of my favourites.

The outlet also has a decent sized selection of clothing, as well as some accessories and small leather goods, also discounted in price.

My only complaint about the outlet store is its location, which is a little too far from the city for me to be stopping by as often as I would like. Based on the crowds of people browsing the store on Sunday, however, it appears that many fashionistas are more than willing to make the trip.

If you appreciate Michael Kors’ designs as much as I do, I definitely recommend checking out this GTA retail gem.


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