Simons, spread the love!

I’m trying to keep my excitement in check, because this hasn’t yet been confirmed, but there’s a possibility that Quebec-based retail chain La Maison Simons could be coming to the GTA.

The Montreal Gazette reported last week that the chain, which operates seven stores in Quebec, is venturing outside of its home province for the first time with plans to open a location in the West Edmonton Mall. The company’s president is also reportedly in talks with landlords in Toronto and Vancouver about possible locations in both cities.

Since this news pertains to one of my favourite stores, I was pretty excited to stumble across it last week. I stop by Simons every time I’m in the Montreal area, and often leave with more items than I can count on one hand.

Simons store in Quebec City.

The large department stores carry huge volumes of clothing and accessories, as well as a range of home décor merchandise. It can take well over an hour to browse through the stores’ clothing offerings alone, which includes everything from office wear to casual styles and sports apparel.

Simons carries many different designer labels, as well as its own label called Twik, which is trendy and amazingly affordable.

Needless to say, I would be thrilled to see this chain to break into the Toronto retail market so that I could browse the store’s selection more often. And given how many of my Torontonian friends rave about Simons the same way I do after a visit to Montreal, I’m certain that the retailer would receive a warm welcome from this city.

Simons seems to be a huge success in Quebec, with its Montreal location on Sainte-Catherine jam-packed with shoppers every time I’m there. If it does venture outside of Quebec, I can only imagine how much success this retailer could have.


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