More affordable jeans for the GTA?

Jeans retailer Warehouse One is expanding and rebranding, and could be bringing its low-priced fashions to the GTA this year.

Warehouse One’s Cali Jeans, $44.99, available in regular and long inseam.

The Winnipeg-based chain, which sells both men’s and women’s clothing and specializes in jeans, currently has 113 locations, many of which are concentrated in Western Canada. But it’s now focused on expanding its presence in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, as it grows by a pace of about six to eight new stores per year. It’s eyeing high profile shopping centres, in particular.

With a big selection of very affordable jeans, Warehouse One would be a welcome addition to the Toronto retail scene, where it seems like jeans continue to climb in price. Downtown retailers would likely find it next to impossible to compete with this company’s prices of $39.99 to $44.99 for a pair of jeans.

The jeans come in a range of styles and sizes, including different inseam lengths ­– a feature that I hugely appreciate when trying to find pants that fit my tall frame. (Standard 30-32″ inseams don’t go past everyone’s ankles, I’m afraid!)

The stores also carry a range of casual tanks, tees and hoodies, cute sweaters and dressier tops, all at very affordable prices.

Warehouse One’s Luke Jeans, $39.99.

In its rapid expansion, however, Warehouse One has had a bit of difficulty differentiating itself from other jeans retailers. But it’s stepping up its game.

In an effort to compete with such powerhouses as Buffalo Jeans, The Gap and Bluenotes, Warehouse One has recently made efforts to set itself apart through an emphasis on customer service (each “Jean Enthusiast” customer service rep is a highly trained graduate of “Jean University”) and more prominent branding.

The company has begun revamping its stores, introducing a cleaner look and stamping a new logo on its signage, price tags and merchandise. Each store boasts a warehouse theme of “simple yet functional” decor, according to the company.

In combination with its efforts to bring new stores to more high profile shopping centres, creating this unique shopping experience might just help the retailer thrive in year ahead. My fingers are crossed that it lands in Toronto sometime soon.


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