Comparison shopping on steroids

If you’re planning to do any Christmas shopping online this year, ensure you’re getting the best deals by using Canada Post’s new shopping website.

The new site brings comparison shopping to a whole new level. It showcases more than four million products from hundreds of Canadian and U.S. retailers who ship to Canadians and accept Canadian credit cards. The products are divided into more than 1,000 categories, including books, electronics, fashion, sporting goods, appliances, and more.

You can search the site for specific brands and products to find out which retailers offer them for the best price, and how the average price has changed in the past few months.

In addition to comparing products based on price, the Comparison Shopper site assesses factors like stores’ return policies, customer service and shipping costs to determine the all-around best deals.

I can’t imagine the site becoming a destination for fashionistas, since clothing varies so much between brands. When you click on the category “Women’s Sweaters”, for instance, there are 34 pages of results that feature everything from Alexander McQueen cardigans costing upwards of $2,400 to Nike hoodies for $4.99. Shoppers searching for either of these items would probably consult specific retailers’ websites directly to find what they’re looking for.

I can, however, see the Comparison Shopper website being hugely helpful for other items, like computers and electronics, sports equipment, books, DVDs and video games, to name a few. When searching the site for a Canon digital camera, for instance, you’re shown seven pages of results that help you quickly determine which store has the best deal.

As Christmas approaches, I’ll definitely be consulting this new site for deals and gift ideas.


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