Boot therapy, and wallet therapy

Every year, a sure sign of fall is the return of boots to footwear stores around the city. Huge collections of fashionable boots make their way back to the shelves of Aldo, Browns and Davids, tempting shoppers with their luxurious new fabrics, pointy new heels and shiny new buckles.

Often costing hundreds of dollars for a decent pair, boots are no small investment. Still, it’s one purchase that I often allow myself to splurge on, convinced that my new boots will last at least two or three seasons.

As soon as they’re exposed to Canada’s cruel elements, however, it becomes pretty clear that I’ve overestimated their lifespan considerably. Even with the help of the best protector sprays, rain, sleet, snow and salt always seem to leave boots looking battered and bruised by the end of the season.

By the time fall rolls around again, I have a tendency to leave last year’s worn, dust-collecting boots at the back of my closet and hit the mall for a new pair.

But this year was different. Short on cash and still in love with the beautiful grey leather boots that I treated myself to last fall, I decided I’d try to get another season out of them – scruffy as they may have looked.

So I went in for therapy – Shoe Therapy. After doing some research online, I found this walk-in-clinic-for-shoes, located just south of Bloor on Bay.

My boots, post therapy.

I had my doubts. With multiple scuffs and patches of leather missing from the toes and heels of my boots, I was fully prepared to hear that no amount of therapy could prolong their life.

But the talented workers at this small shoe-repair shop proved me wrong. For just $30 – a fraction of what it would have cost me to splurge on a new pair – they transformed my year-old boots into a pair that looks new again. Though I’m not entirely sure how they managed to do it, they added at least another season onto the life of my boots. And saved me a pocketful of cash.

So my advice to you, as you start pulling out your fall wardrobe, is don’t overlook those boots at the back of your closet. With the help of some therapy, they might have some life in them yet.

In case it turns out that your boots are too far past their prime, here are some of my favourite fall styles that you can find in the GTA for less than $200.

Town Shoes short boots at the Shoe Company, $185

Motayen Boots at Aldo, $110

Bravo Browns boots at Browns, $148

For the gentlemen in the crowd:

Kodiak boots at Browns, $170

Rodiguez boots at Aldo, $160


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